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Dylan Pulver Picture (Musication Mondays)


For artists and songwriters it’s become perhaps easier than ever to record and share music with the world, but also a little harder to get it heard or to garner the required attention to sustain a career (or even just a hobby) in among such an overflowing ocean of creativity. Musication Mondays is one artist’s antidote to this, or rather – it is his manner of dealing with and organizing his unwavering artistic desires, honing his skills, and increasing his presence in the music world in a dedicated and focused way.

Musication Mondays as a concept fuses creative passion and work ethic, which is essential these days, and if this Monday’s single Picture is anything to go by, music fans will be excited to tune in for these scheduled releases for the long term.

Picture is a smooth and organic song, it offers a lightly rhythmic vibe and a melodic progression that pours through with notably interesting layers of evolution. In stark contrast with many of the shorter lines and snippets of melody that bulk out the majority of modern music releases, Pulver crafts and arranges his tunes in a manner that meanders – creating anticipation and subsequent resolve in a way that’s subtle but effective.

In contrast with this mild complexity though, the song itself is delightful simplistic – the key idea or hook is repeated just enough so to make certain you’ve captured it, the musicality continues down a trusted pathway of optimism and good vibes, and Pulver’s vocal performance emerges as one that quite clearly, undeniably loves to do what it does. His passion for singing and for making music in general shines brightly on this track, as does his dedication to the significant other within – these thoughts of the future are far from disconcerting, as can sometimes be the case. Instead, there’s excitement, joy, good times ahead – and a wonderful element of loyalty.

Always keeping things moving and with creativity at the forefront, Dylan Pulver offers – in addition to a song a week – a deeply thoughtful blog, which is a total pleasure to read through and conjures up some big ideas for audiences to ponder; perhaps best enjoyed while listening to his musical catalogue to date. A hard working and passionate artist, well worth signing up for.

Sometimes we live our lives but forget to live our dreams – Dylan Pulver.

Check out the song & latest blog here. To stay updated or to keep in touch, find & follow Dylan Pulver on Instagram. Check out his Website for more information & music.

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