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Dwyne Weathering The Storm


Refreshingly creative bars pour through with a sort of humble, freestyle-esque yet mellow delivery as Dwyne sets the mood and impresses for this brand new EP.

An aptly-titled Weathering The Storm details the ups and downs of life, personal storytelling meeting with poetic vagueness in a clever and captivating way.

Clarity is the opener and blends these qualities well, a jazz-kissed soundscape joining forces with Dwyne’s mellow vocal lead and moments of unexpected melody alike. Revealing, honest, deeply human and laid-back all at once. Brilliant – a definite highlight from the indie hip hop world of late.

Downpour follows and already the mood is more reflective and mellow – the opener being the light introduction before we get into the meat of the subject matter and storytelling. Still Dwyne’s vocal-play is refreshing and unexpected in this context, his spoken word style holding attention for its humble air of confidence.

With Sky Blue, retro keys take a freestyle, solo-esque route through jazz-café colours, complete with a simple yet satisfying hook, and an underlying sentiment focused on love and poetry.

Then with Wisdom, we turn to focus on another aspect of life – Dwyne proving that his contemplative manner of writing knows no barriers. A rhythmic highlight with a beautifully bright, uplifting and thoughtful hook that lingers after listening.

By now the style is recognisable, the words promising to accompany the meditative calm of the music in an inspiring way.

Nimbus ends the short project, bass-led and somewhat nostalgic in chorus. Again Dwyne contemplates, showcases clever rhymes, refreshes with genuinely original raps and framings of ideas. There’s a cleverness here that shines beautifully. Another highlight and a track well worth spending a little time with – as is true of this entire EP, actually.

To weather the storm with Dwyne is to consistently stumble upon some new line or reference that seems thoroughly new, authentic, and interesting. A pleasure to know about – well worth a listen in full.

Download Weathering The Storm via Apple. Check out Dwyne on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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