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Dweller X Forget the Forest


Lifelong rock fan and multi-instrumentalist Dweller-X crafts an immersive, acoustic to progressive soundtrack, with the evocative and imagery-loaded Forget the Forest.

Built around a medieval style acoustic fingerpicking arrangement, programmed strings and retro synths, Forget the Forest leads with the classic depth and delicacy of a soulful rock vocal, and ultimately presents a fresh take on the timeless love song.

These ideas and scenes are intriguing, original and engaging, and as the energy of their sentiments and this emotional longing gathers momentum, the soundscape too brightens and evolves.

Somewhat nostalgic by production and recording, even by the songwriting style, the yesteryear influences behind the Dweller-X approach are unquestionable. The artist notes the likes of the Beatles and Rush as consistent sources of inspiration. From a conceptual perspective, however, there’s something defiantly creative about the central theme and hook of this single, and both the melody and lyrical resolve work well to leave that chorus lingering once the music has ended.

Forget The Forest naturally pushes you towards replaying it in full, to further explore these scenes and lyrical reflections, and indeed to satisfy that sudden need for the humbly looping earworm that is the title and hook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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