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Forever an artist with an unpredictable, refreshingly creative and contemplative yet bold approach to making music; DVTE returns with a brand new track, an aptly titled and loudly topical SICK IN THE USA.

Personally, I couldn’t help but read these four words and think of Born In The USA, a notably more upbeat storyteller, and actually, the contrast helped this kick in all the more so.

DVTE leads with poignancy and laid-back yet somewhat industrial vibes. The track has melancholic undertones but a lightness in this choir of vocals on the top layer. Then there’s the intensity of the bass underneath it all, distorted and heavy, juxtaposing the breathy intimacy of the vocal lead.

We get a story, more detailed than anything else, verses and bars that impress and captivate – despite being so quietly mixed. It’s all part of the artistry of the sound, something DVTE consistently captures with faultless ability and depth. A sound like no other, creative and hypnotic in its similarities throughout a near five-minute lifespan, expressive and interesting in the outpouring of information and reflections lyrically.

The beat-free middle–8 is particularly haunting, intriguing, provocative – echoing vocals declare a plethora of statements directly at the listener.

‘Everything has its price.. Everything comes from blood.. Is it worth it for that Gucci purse that you’re holding? So that you can look in the mirror and think that you’re a little bit closer to perfect?… You’re a slave…’

The latter half is something else entirely, its sudden clarity and unapologetic distain proves compelling, unsettling, and impossible to ignore. There does seem to be, ultimately, a timeless quality to SICK IN THE USA. An indie cult hit, perhaps – waiting to make waves.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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