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Duvee Davis Gone


Old School Hip Hop promising as nostalgic a sound as its artwork implies – Duvee Davis engages and inspires, with Gone.

Featuring a retro soundscape of soulful vocal fragments, guitars and canned rhythms, Gone follows a passionate set of bars from Duvee, reflecting on the impermanence of life and as such encouraging a sense of presence and appreciation for the current moment.

Guiding listeners through a timeless presentation that feels like something from the dawn of Hip Hop, Gone makes fine use of melodic moments from both guitar and the featured voice, to break up the otherwise mellow yet gritty declarations from our leading artist.

Somewhat heartbreaking in its depth but ultimately focused on celebrating the time we do get to share on this Earth, Gone takes full advantage of its opportunity to evocatively connect with audiences, at the same time as introducing a rapper and artist with a fearlessly unique style; one that stands out with ease amidst the Hip Hop landscape of today. Hopefully there’s plenty more music in the pipeline from Duvee Davis.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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