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Dusty Cubby Bhammered


Far from what might be expected based on the artwork and title of this song, Bellingham rock outfit Dusty Cubby take things down a brilliantly passionate and revealing pathway, with the storytelling and emotional intensity of Bhammered.

‘Thought I’d be happy, thought I’d find purpose…’

Tipping its hat to the punk rock and pop punk legends of a simpler era, Bhammered utilises fast-paced power chords and naturally expressive, accessible vocals, to promise both catchy hooks and deeply human sentiments alike.

The fearlessly raw performance and recording style is incredibly refreshing, particularly given the revelations of so many pop artists as to how interwoven perfectionism is within the modern industry. Dusty Cubby lay everything out on the table, emotionally and in their delivery as musicians. The video further highlights this, depicting scenes from the story as well as that of the band lost in the moment performing – united in playing, outdoors and backed by the simple youthful scene of skateboarding and graffiti.

Nostalgia is a huge part of Bhammered’s appeal, sure, but with that comes an edge of contemporary contemplation, passion, and even creative musicality. The guitar solo has a riff-style element to it, as does the riding bass line, the drums are cleanly connected to everything, complete with stop-start moments that hit with real impact.

All in all, the band keep things undeniably real, and their sound and style breathes new life into what hopefully proves a turning point for modern music.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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