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Dust Of Days Heavy


Heavy is a song that brings about a unique meeting of genres in a way that seems all at once nostalgic and previously unheard. Dust Of Days could be described as something of a melodic rock band, though there’s a heavy metal or even punk rock energy to the riffs and the sheer velocity of the rhythm on occasion. Furthermore, that leading voice is one that comes soaked in the gravelly authenticity not dissimilar to the likes of Pearl Jam or Goo Goo Dolls. All in all, there’s something fresh about the sound, and that’s a valuable trait.

The song surrounds you with appropriately heavy musicality and emotion. The key idea you take away from it is likely to be this concept of being sick of we, sick of you – it’s one that comes with a certain poignancy and sense of intrigue. The melody for this moment, this hook, as it were, is notably less intricate than the verses, and this makes for an unusual structuring choice. The lines featured within the verses have a certain poetic nature to them, the simplicity of the opening lines, followed by the fuller, more detailed and expressive sentences. All of this leads ferociously into the hook, at which point there’s a distinct level of further space surrounding the lines, and there’s a slight drop in intensity – the emotion comes through with power; this melancholy, deeply reflective, questioning moment.

It’s an interesting song, and the sound on the whole is the sort that you’d easily recognise again after listening just once or twice. As mentioned, something about this fusion of artistic influences makes for an original and quite striking experience.

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