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duotrio Light Of My Life


Uniquely balancing ethereal delicacy and fast-paced vocal intensity, duotrio recraft the sound of today, with their soulful and compelling, artistically powerfully Light Of My Life.

Featuring multiple layers of finely tuned intricacies, for a cinematic soundscape that’s both immersive and energising, Light Of My Life makes and breaks its own rules as a contemporary pop track, and in the process highlights a strong sense of musicianship and fearless performative devotion.

Founded by trumpet player and composer Daniel Nissenbaum, duotrio is a modular contemporary music ensemble, and takes a clear passion and talent for audio craftwork, and openly explores the limitless possibilities that lie within the expression of a story or series of emotions.

The resulting single draws subtle hints of influence from a plethora of genres, most notably hip hop and RnB from a vocal perspective. However, musically there are many more complexities and tributes on hand. Classical strings, subtle electronic shifts and heavier moments of impact alike, contemporary rhythms, funky guitars, a full-throttle horn section, and a multitude of stops and starts for that truly striking rise and fall.

The first listen is intriguing, slowly but surely satisfying, then quite addictive, and all future listens simply reinforce this – allowing the lyrics to connect, and the faultless delivery and rhythm to wholly take hold.

Really impressive, unrivaled in skill and also complex enough to fascinate yet familiar enough in set-up to reach out for the broader audience. I look forward to hearing more.

Check out duotrio via their Website or visit Nut Tree Music. Follow them on Facebook & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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