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Duke Evers Duster / Slow Dive


Duke Evers lead with impressive songwriting and a sort of electro-pop and rock fusion on these two taster singles from their upcoming album.

Duster as a starting point makes for a great introduction to the band. As suggested, their songwriting shines brightly from the offset. There’s a simplicity to this track that lets it connect fairly quickly – the short verse lines and the progression of the melody feel familiar, comforting among the warmth of the indie-pop soundscape. The lyrics, however, feel fresh, and notably emotional – there’s a fascinating story-line at play, and that leading voice delivers it in a beautifully accessible and softly stylish manner.

Duke Evers have honed their sound to perfectly balance creativity and professionalism. You can lose yourself in this music the way you can with any mainstream or well-known release. Duster begins as a comforting bit of indie-pop but grows to be a brilliantly immersive and addictive song – the sort with an anthem-like quality that you just know would draw a crowd at a live show; particularly a festival.

The second release to emerge is the slightly more indie or hard-rock infused Slow Dive. Distortion and high energy guitar-riffs kick things off, followed by a similarly simple, short-line verse section. The mood here is significantly darker, and a little more reflective and intense in being so. The pace is up, the instrumentation feels far more amplified and potentially impromptu – there’s a sense of raw energy to the whole thing, which embraces the listener in a heavy way and again reinforces the desire to seek out a live show from the band.

Slow Dive utilizes contrast superbly, the hook hits with impact thanks to a careful climb through the verses – the leading voice and the instrumental performances all work well to highlight this moment and this growing sense of passion. It’s a brilliant song, one that cements the band as a genuine act to look out for as 2019 swings further into play.

Look out for the full-length release in May. Find & follow Duke Evers on Facebook or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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