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Dual Diagnosis Nature Of The Beast / Patient On The Run


Reigniting the anthemic energy of rap and rock with a distorted twist of contemporary observation – one half of LA’s Dual Diagnosis gears up to launch two brand new singles from his upcoming sophomore album, and in the process injects a fearless performative and production edge into the modern scene.

Nature Of The Beast is the first, produced by Mad Mike and featuring a classically old-school set of rap bars on top of a hard rock arrangement.

The riff is strong, a simple back and forth with a vocal call in the distance. The story is thoughtful, gritty and confident but also focused ultimately on the complexities of human consciousness and existence. It’s a careful balancing of poetry and fun, quirky wordplay and deeper reflections paving the way for a track that would no doubt bring old school rap and rock fans together at a live show.

Leading with a raspy and bold conversation with the self, Nature Of The Beast relays an individual story, but does so in a broad enough fashion to be easily made relevant to any and all listeners who’ve felt similar feelings of disconnection from the norm.

Also releasing is the juxtaposed storytelling clarity and progressive style of Patient On The Run – another mental health deep-dive with that unmistakable Dual Diagnosis voice and rhythm at the forefront, but a track with a whole new realm of captivating scenes and ideas to intrigue.

Here we find an intoxicating hook akin to the melancholic mid-album gems from the nineties, the kind of stripped-back and serious moments that unsettled and stirred emotions unexpectedly.

Patient On The Run explores the overwhelming weight of existential dread. It does so by way of gripping lyrics that pour through with that same anthemic groove and flow but with so much poignancy and honesty that you cant help but feel instantly enthralled and involved in this desperate search for answers and escapism.

Produced by Arcitype, Patient On The Run showcases another side to the complex and compelling writing of Dual Diagnosis, and the two singles united, as an introduction to the bigger project, speak volumes on behalf of that implied sense of opposing forces; the ‘Dual Diagnosis’ at the heart of their identity.

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