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Dscales Intervention


Carving out a classic pathway with nostalgic RnB tones and blissful production, Dscales brings the vocal strength and smooth vibes back to the modern scene, with the catchy and harmonized Intervention.

Great songwriting immediately stands as tall as this dreamy arrangement and the outright strength of every vocal layer. Structure matters, and is equally well executed – the contrast between these vintage RnB verses and the more notably unique hook – the resolve, these choir-like waves in the backdrop – works its magic in an instant.

Production skill is essential, and in the case of Intervention the whole thing has been faultlessly built – the natural appeal of this intimate writing, the romantic vibes and the melodic and rhythmic engagement, has all been presented with pristine clarity and warmth.

An unrivaled solo artist, Dscales offers a sense of creative entrepreneurship that is a self-made multi-layered sound both audience-aware and decidedly unique to a true identity. As such, his repertoire already boasts tens of thousands of listeners each month, and there’s no doubt plenty more music will follow.

Find Dscales on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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