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Drifting Shadows Do You See?


“There are a lot of hurting people who are struggling. We write music to provide hope to those who have lost their way & to provide a voice for those who struggle to find their own.”

* * *

Relatable in everything from arrangement to lyricism to performance, Drifting Shadows continue to extend that helping hand of understanding and unity, with another heartfelt ode to connecting in times of struggle.

Following on from the uniquely moving single Loner, Do You See? offers a wholly creative progression and voice; structurally fascinating, particularly when accompanied by these captivating sketch-effect visuals. The single then proceeds to weave an unorthodox web of jazz-kissed solo-songwriter and big-band infusion.

The music has that jazz element mastered, the song proving unpredictable and almost freestyle-like as it first meanders through these scenes and feelings.

The voice reinforces the character and realness of that evolution, and so as we move from purely piano and vocal, to symbols, kicks, toms, keys, guitars, bass, strings, and a whole plethora of effects and sounds for the final build-up, the journey increasingly grips and involves the listener.

It’s heartbreaking yet inspiring, powerful and honest, musically unique and refreshing in every way. The story is far from new, but the perspective shift is needed, and the song and video combined make the subject connect all the more so as each new verse pours through with truth and contradiction in equal parts.

At over six minutes in length, there’s a lot to take on, and that’s all true to the artistic approach of Drifting Shadows.

Are you to scared to change your lens a bit, to view things from my perspective? I have, so many times given it a shot on my end…
And, I must admit, it looks marvelous. Then reality settles in & I’m here sitting on cement. .”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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