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Drew DeLeon All In


Drew DeLeon balances a fully immersive, dreamlike soundscape with a smooth melody and a clear sense of intention for his latest single All In.

From the offset, this contemporary tone stands out as relevant to the sounds of our time – professionally crafted, mellow and rhythmically engaging, auto-tuned but stylish and crisp.

As things progress, there’s a certain heartfelt warmth and realness to the track – to the very concept of being All In. The whole thing leads with that confidence you tend to see in hip hop and mainstream pop, but the lyrics offer a little more insight, individuality, and purity.

Despite the artwork and vibe of the track, Drew DeLeon’s goal isn’t simply fame, his dreams are big but this is still the journey – he talks about being all in regardless, not boasting about already being their; not faking it, as so many of his peers seem to do.

The track still inspires self-belief, it motivates, but it balances this with essential realism. Keeping calm, getting on with what needs to be done. This laid-back mood stands tall throughout the soundscape and performance alike. An easy anthem to get on-board with.

* * *

I don’t care about fame, I’m living out my dream…

* * *

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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