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Dream Jacuzzi The Park


Dream Jacuzzi deliver a blissfully organic good mood with this immersive and uplifting yet heartbreakingly honest new pop-rock single The Park.

Leading with a clearly poetic, reflective and thoughtful manner of songwriting, the release connects early on for both its calming set-up and the softness and revealing lyricism of the leading voice.

The Park is, at its core, a love song, so the concept is familiar, but the way the band have presented it feels new, and refreshingly interesting. For all of these reasons, it really hits with impact.

Not too often in modern music do we get a song that fully develops on its storyline throughout its lifespan – particularly not in such a considerate, contemplative and non-blatant fashion. In this case, the verses offer fragments of detail, then the pre-chorus resolves a little and encapsulates a sense of exception to the rule – as well as touching on the fragility of good things, the impermanence.

Everything from the performance to the musicianship to the writing and structure of the song effectively helps take listeners through the ups and downs of relationship turmoil – but it’s all done in a subtle, strangely charming way.

A beautifully crafted release, loaded with equal parts optimism and heartbreak. It introduces the band as a genuine and likeable indie act with a notably unique sound right now. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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