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Drea & The Marilyns Calgary


Drea & The Marilyns’ single Calgary is one that seems more and more uniquely creative with every listen. The first time you hear it, the soundscape has this light bounce and dreamlike aura about it, which seems to contrast slightly with the smooth and calming melody that accompanies it. Contrast is a good thing, by all accounts, it gives music that element of unexpectedness; in this case adding to an already striking ambiance. The second and third times you listen though, the soulfulness and depth of the song really starts to pour through in an unstoppable manner.

The song has been thoughtfully structured, and this is driven primarily by the two featured voices – the song appears to be building and building, increasing in intensity and passion as the moments pass by. In reality though, the soundscape moves along in a comforting and quite hypnotic manner, remaining fairly constant for the most part, simply doubling up more and more so throughout the latter half of the song. The voices add the bulk of that sense of evolution and attempt to keep you fixated on them. The effect is that the song gradually surrounds you with the central struggle and opposing love of the song’s sentiment in a totally immersive way.

Drea Marilyn has spoken of the song being the conversation she wishes she was brave enough to have – something many people can relate to, and with the music and the lyrics beings so openly accessible, it makes it connect all the more intensely. The music is powerful, floating along somewhere between indie-pop and trip-hop, keeping the mood light initially but offering just enough of that crispness – the edge of the beat, the evolving sense of weight, the growing energy of the electronic elements, even the poetic nature of the lyrics. Drea Marilyn has a written a song from a place of genuine, artistic desire to express the inexpressible, and the result is something that really reaches out in a complex yet considerate way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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    Thank you so much for the thoughtful review. 🙂 Your kind words mean a lot.

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