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Drav Talkin’


Immediately enveloping the listener with emotive sound-design and heavy rhythms to contrast that dreamy over-layer, Drav proceeds to showcase an impressively unique, original way with crafting his bars.

The opening verse of Talkin’ draws you in well for its quickness of story and gentle intensity of performance, and the music continues to match this emotive sense of purpose and passion as the whole thing gathers momentum.

Classically-rooted yet also cleanly and creatively mixed for an effective modern sound, Drav’s versatility shines in the consistency of movement within the music. At the same time, the generally ambient escapism of the completed piece allows the mind to wander, and always we resolve back to this listing hook for a memorable hit of presence within the concept and vibe of the moment.

It’s a refreshing listen, stylishly original yet also inspired by the more innovative rap legends of a simpler era. There’s an addictive quality to the quiet contemplation and subtle confidence of Talkin’, and the music proves beautifully united with that. Hopefully there’s plenty more to follow.

Download or stream Talkin’ here. Check out Drav on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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