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Dr LK Inna Yuh Party


The UK’s own Dr LK kicks off the summer early with the dance anthem that is Inna Yuh Party.

Featuring a quickly impressive soundscape, multi-layered and colorful, building up brilliantly and dropping in with power and energy, the single introduces an artist with a love for the good times.

Showcasing simple rhymes and a clean-cut vocal line, which lays bare the character at its core, Inna Yuh Party feels like a nostalgic blast from the past – yet with a decidedly fresh tone and an increasingly impressive mix.

There’s easily plenty of room for remix regarding the soundtrack and the main hook of the track. Elsewhere Dr LK meanders through his verses almost in a stream-of-consciousness manner – free-styling on the beat, relentlessly filling any space or silence with some observation or idea for storytelling and scene-setting. That resolve to the hook and to the bigger musical moments undoubtedly helps elevate things and keep the track recognisable, enjoyable, and effective as a mood booster whenever you need it.

Expect to be hearing more from Dr LK in the near future, particularly as festival season gears up.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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