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Dr. Evan’s Island The Fine Game Of Nil


Introducing a brief yet striking new EP, from a creative with a clear sense of expression and identity at the helm. Dr. Evan’s Island brings strength of songwriting together with sublimely unique, intoxicating vocal ability, and The Fine Game of Nil showcases those qualities on a defiant high.

We begin with the instantly passionate and evocative The Moment, a sincere and bold yet trembling vocal backing up a simple sway of a groove. The organic depth is mesmerising, the lyrics equally powerful, and the unique tendencies or nuances of the vocal help really bring the writing to life. The song progresses tentatively, resolving with its chorus sentiment, and ultimately blending the sadness of blues with the optimism of pop.

Suitcase follows as a piano-led ballad that now hints at influence amidst the likes of 3 Doors Down, not a rock instrumental but a stripped-back vocal that captivates in its heartfelt commitment to the evolution of the story. Beautifully simple yet mighty in its compelling presentation – another fine display of talent and purpose from Dr. Evan’s Island.

Another story of scenes and third-party happenings emerges for the acoustic strum and positivity of Child of a Lion. The energy is brighter suddenly, hopeful and motivational as it gathers intensity from whispered ideas to softly celebratory declarations. The vocal here leans a little towards Tim Minchin, something reinforced by the closing track, but the thought is soon overpowered by the organic identity of The Fine Game Of Nil in its conclusive level of substance and style.

Penny is the final song of the EP, a pop-rock offering both mellow and impassioned in humble ways, a simple sway of an instrumental reminding us of the opening moments. The song ultimately reflects upon the role of the self, the weight of a life learning things through turmoil and blessing combined. There’s plenty to unpack lyrically, and fortunately the beauty and character of these four tracks allows for an easy re-entry to listen to time and again.

A real pleasure to let play – hopefully there’s plenty more music in the pipeline from Dr. Evan’s Island.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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