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Downer Overgrow


Downer is an artist who drives with a sense of purpose on this latest single. Overgrow is a hard pill to swallow, but the sort that many listeners crave in times of personal turmoil and isolation. A softly ambient soundscape emerges from the offset, lulling you into a state of brief calm. Soon after, the mighty hit of I’m scared to death of dying crashes into the room, bringing with it a spacious yet industrial-style beat, and a wash of contemporary effects.

Even in this dreamlike, electronic setting, the passion and emotion in that leading voice is overwhelming. The words need that, it gives them authenticity, and the artist continues to represent this – as well as to effectively utilize contrast between the quiet and the dark, the light and the heavy, to make certain you’re involved and engaged in the experience.

The song barely passes the two-minute-mark before it’s over and done with. So you listen again, and it works well to do that. There’s an emo-rap aura to the style in some ways, though the passion seems all the more heightened and intense. A select few lyrics guide you through the arena of warmth, weight, and uncertainty. The melody varies impressively, falling down to lower moments before falling away completely. It’s a fascinating and artistic piece of music and performance. Brief, sure, but brilliantly on point in terms of representing the struggle and conflict within.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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