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Down From Above Where Angels Fall


Down From Above is one of the most contradictory bands I’ve ever heard, and that’s precisely the reason they are so compelling. Their latest single, Where Angels Fall, is a uniquely twisted blend of alternative, metal, and electronica, that is as hauntingly alluring as it is innately energetic. The song guides you on a journey through a plethora of distinct genres of music that all come together to form a holistically idiosyncratic experience.

Where Angels Fall starts off with a very deliberate pace and establishes Down From Above’s greatest asset: lead singer Anastasia Resurrection. Her voice has a very Blondie-esque quality to it that’s authentic and tender, yet still has undeniably raw power. It’s as if you’re enjoying a warm spring breeze flowing through your hair, knowing that at any moment there is the potential for a devastating thunderstorm.

That storm does eventually hit, but it’s not in the form of Resurrection’s vocals – instead, it’s in the form of Down From Above’s guitarist, Rob Ackerman. His play-style and tones are inherently hard-rock/metal and they provide a harmonious antithesis to Resurrection’s almost angelic vocals. It feels stylistically reminiscent of Evanescence, but still maintains an identity entirely of its own. Producing music that has that familiarity yet still pushes the envelope is undoubtedly the sign of a truly great artist.

If Ackerman’s guitar playing is fire, then Resurrection’s vocal is ice. Down From Above is two opposing forces of nature that have somehow come together to create a seductive piece of art in Where Angels Fall. It’s a beautifully destructive track that’s enticing in its mysterious uncertainty and absolutely worth a listen.

Stream the single on Soundcloud or Spotify. Find & follow Down From Above on Facebook or visit their Website. Photo by Tina Korhonen © 2017, all rights reserved.

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