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Doug St. Amand Addicted


Stylishly blending the vocal sound of the emo rap scene with a clear sense of identity and a guitar-led, heavily rhythmic arrangement, Doug St. Amand leads with absolute purpose and story throughout a deeply moving, poignant and powerful Addicted.

Detailing the struggle of addiction and the adversity faced by addicts during the grip of their struggle, the single works hard to bridge the gap between modern hip hop production and the natural, authentic and passionate roots of the genre from way back when.

Family-focused, open and considerate, Addicted proves refreshingly thoughtful and empathetic in subject. More than this, Doug St. Amand puts in an emotionally devoted performance – one that naturally connects to the story thanks to authenticity and a fearless will to be real in music.

Well-produced, ambient yet heavy, calm yet intense in topic and occasionally in delivery, Addicted reaches out with heart and soul to tell a story of personal turmoil – and indeed, of the optimism and possibility that can lie ahead of such adversity; with the right sort of help and focus.

Check out Doug St. Amand here or via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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