Double Up - Weatherman / Double G - Stereo Stickman

Double Up Weatherman / Double G


Atlanta’s Double Up keeps things professional and crisp with this brand new video, single and EP to kick off the new year with style.

Combining a clear sense of character with strong hooks and scene-setting verses combined, the single Weatherman offers the catchy simplicity of a an alternative pop anthem – complete with a retro take on contemporary auto-tune.

The longer project Double G takes the style a little further, keeping the recognisable vocal tone and melodic strengths at the forefront, and continuing to lead with a simple love for the good times overall.

So Nice starts things up and already the musicality has a fresh set-up, but the voice and the overall structure and writing clearly hold close to the traits of the artist; that essential level of identity.

As the project goes on we get a touch of smooth vibes for tracks like Late Night Tings, and some heavier bass and high energy alongside a more intimate storyline for the likes of Lil Mama (an easy highlight for its subtle dancehall vibe).

Like This softens things out again, a retro, nostalgically smooth track with a breathy vocal for an intimate and honest, emotional RnB mood. Then we get the intensity and again heavy bass of an honest and poetic Cold World. Another highlight and a great way to end this playlist of pop-hip-hop tracks that keep things fun yet genuine; and loaded with personality. Double Up has his style and masters it.

Download or stream Double G here. Check out Double Up on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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