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Dorsell Lyrics BOY GOT THAT


Stylishly blending humour, character, heavy beats and bars alike, Dorsell Lyrics drives with clear identity and swagger throughout the simple yet striking BOY GOT THAT.

Kicking into gear with a subtle acoustic fingerstyle riff, almost medieval in tone and melody, the track soon injects a mighty bass-line and trap beat, and rides the weight of these with a vocal born to perform in this manner.

Gritty and carefree, clever and quirky, Dorsell Lyrics fearlessly manages to captivate with equal parts intelligence, shock factor and topical relevance. The track feels like a freestyle but the mellow, quietly confident delivery recreates a structure of rhyming couplets that seems way more intentional as things progress.

In short, it’s a style that subtly tips its hat to the legends of alternative eras past, but also boldly breathes its own sense of integrity and personality into the modern scene. It will be interesting to hear where else Dorsell takes things in the coming months.

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