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DORCAS TG Sweet Jesus / My Signal Has Come (I Am On My Way)


Introducing a unique take on Christian Contemporary and Gospel music – UK-based creative DORCAS TG brings a joyful twist of reggae and personality together with catchy and heartfelt songwriting, for the likes of her uplifting single Sweet Jesus.

Built around a likable bounce of a groove, Sweet Jesus leads with a clear sense of gratitude and Faith, and showcases the distinct and gentle yet evocative vocals of DORCAS TG in a way that’s easy to love.

Short lines celebrate and connect with the underlying music, creating a soulful anthem that’s instantly recognisable, and in the process delivering a fresh take on Faith-based music for the modern audience.

Rolling through for an impressive five minutes, Sweet Jesus gathers humble momentum throughout, the final quarter delving whole-heartedly into the warmth of Gospel, with a choir of backing vocalists reinforcing the central melody. This makes for a beautifully enchanting moment, which will no doubt translate brilliantly in the live setting.

Minister DORCAS TG naturally invites audience participation, and Sweet Jesus is the perfect song to highlight that approach.

Another noteworthy single of DORCAS TG’s is My Signal Has Come (I Am On My Way). Here we delve into a more personal journey, still accompanied by those reggae rhythms and keys, but now presenting a longer-form melodic venture, with a chorus of vocals creating a call-and-response alternative that gifts the song an entirely new vibe.

Passionately performed, the individuality and emotion of My Signal Has Come (I Am On My Way) is mighty from the start, and the variety and structure depicted throughout this again near-five-minute piece underlines a whole other side to the performative energy and devotion of DORCAS TG. There’s a complexity to the set-up here, which feels wholly original and soulful for its almost freestyle presence and authenticity as an ode to Faith and unwavering belief in something bigger.

Songwriting shines brightly in both cases, the two singles offering memorable hook resolves and repeats that effortlessly draw listeners into the centre of the melody and declaration of the writing. There’s always an all-together-now moment, which forever connects with purity and comfort to the welcoming unity of Gospel and the church, and with each new single, DORCAS TG secures her role at the forefront of the genre.

Find DORCAS TG on Facebook & Instagram. Header photo by Holarwalee.

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