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Donny Doomsday Villainy


Donny Doomsday’s approach to rap and hip hop in general is refreshingly real and unexpectedly humble. His confidence and skill are unquestionable, but you get a clear sense that this music has been made out of a sheer love for the art of it. For that reason, you want to listen to his voice and his words – nothing about it is forced or fake or there just to draw attention. It sounds genuine, interesting, heartfelt, and thoughtful. This is conscious rap with a smooth and considerate energy that’s easy to sit back and relax to.

Villainy is a single from the album Reality Raps. The song offers up a uniquely creative and ambient backdrop – a light beat, various choir-like synths and riffs scatter dashes of colour throughout the soundscape. It’s a little haunting at times, but it works well, giving the music that rich sense of realism and authenticity – again, another reason for choosing to listen (as opposed to feeling obligated).

On top of the musical backdrop is Donny’s rap flow – his ideas pour through like a fine wine, well kept and ready to change things. If you miss a line you want to head back to recapture the moment. Towards the end of the track, the pace picks up – Donny’s flow reaches new heights of intensity and weight. The speed of the performance seems to snowball, the music stays fairly calm but in stark contrast with that is the rising vibrancy of the leading artist’s lyricism and flow. Contrast is essential and it works perfectly well here.

At just over four minutes long, you get a strong sense of something real having happened when this track plays out for you. Donny’s passion and determination grow stronger and brighter as the track progresses. You feel the evolution of the moment, it’s captivating, the balance between story-telling and the all-important personal touch is precise and effective. The accompanying video furthers all of this, letting you get a little closer to the man behind the music. A mighty single from an album well worth checking out in full.

You can keep the fame I only rap to spread a message anyway.

Stream the album Reality Raps on Spotify. Find & follow Donny Doomsday on Twitter & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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