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Donnell Hicks How Far (Feat. Leah)


Re-lighting the fire of genuine, heartfelt ballad writing and performance, this father-daughter collaborative release showcases a level of delicacy and emotional depth that seeks to connect in a notably pure way. How Far is a song soaked in passion and warmth. The lyrics deal with inner truth – the things that matter, the things that keep us going, regardless of distance. The set-up is fairly minimalist; a simple, spacious ambiance – a piano and a subtle supporting string section. The simplicity is only really in the instrumentation though – in the singular elements that make it up – to listen to the musicianship is hypnotic, the performances on all accounts are beautiful.

As the song progresses, and indeed each new time that you listen, the free-flowing purity of the musicality and the melody really starts to connect. Along with this you begin to notice the inherent unity between the music and the voices driving the sentiment – the personalities carrying the words along. There’s a gorgeously interwoven sense of humanity and community about the sound, about the song in general, which further reinforces this idea of ‘no matter what’ – this concept of permanence, of unconditional affection. The lyrics deal with only those important things, initially reflecting in a real-time manner – offering imagery, setting the scene, suggesting possible darkness surrounding or approaching. As things move forwards, there’s a definite sadness to the story-line – the separation, the sudden distance. Fortunately though, the song’s chorus seeks to calm those feelings of uncertainty.

The hook resolves, as it should – the voices come together for this moment, and all is well again. The song comforts in the way that we’d hope any powerful ballad would. The physical aspects of life can’t forever stay the same, but those innate connections remain – that real love – and this is what the song portrays, in a wonderful way.

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