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DonDon Survival Mode


Introducing the brand new single and video from an ever-contemplative and honest DonDon, Survival Mode furthers the artist’s unstoppable reach, and leads with a topical relevancy that aptly encapsulates the hardship and emotional turmoil of recent times.

Featuring professionalism intertwined with passion and precision both musically and lyrically, Survival Mode welcomes fast bars, melodies, reflections on life and the self, and includes an equally impressive, cleanly captured set of visuals; which raises all the more so the embrace and appeal of the whole journey.

Prior to the new release, singles like To The Grave paved the way well – emotive from the outset with a piano-lead and clear conceptual implication that lured you in. DonDon proceeded to weave a melodic, dreamy arena of performance, complete with a story that’s intimate and revealing as much so as it is contemporary and inspiring.

The accompanying visuals again further that combination, showcasing the artist devoted to the moment, raw and open as a performer and storyteller, connecting for his realness and the clear appeal of the musicality.

Taking hints of inspiration from classic rap and pop along with a touch of Post Malone in the melodic strength and soulful ambiance, the music is consistently heartfelt, creative, and rooted amidst these threads of identity and authenticity that ring loud.

Wake Up makes for a fine example of the continued melodic strength of DonDon’s writing, the passionate honesty and immersive sound-scaping, and the soon unmistakable tone and nature of the artist’s voice.

This particular track features some brilliantly gritty, captivating and clever bars – an outright highlight from the DonDon catalogue to date. Brilliant songwriting, emotive and catchy, genuine and moving, all with a timeless and somewhat humble musicianship that lets things stand tall of their own intentions.

With Any Typa Way, layers of piano return with some vocal fragments for a cinematic shift as a whole new story and scene emerges. The vocal is all the more passionate here, higher notes present an immediately recognisable pop twist that fuses well with the confidence and grit of DonDon’s bars.

Then there’s Glock Shopping, similar in style for that thread of purpose, fresh once again in story and the clever lyrical progression. Faster bars and distant sax help elevate this one for an infectious and impressive alternative that again stands out for its poetic weight and purity of character combined. Weave in faultless production and the whole thing lights up the room.

Prior to this, OWN LANE hit the scene with depth and revelation and has since racked up almost 100k views for its stripped-back setting and catchy melodic evolution. The style is relevant, in keeping with the scene but also notably true to the DonDon voice and integrity, which makes a huge difference when it comes to connection and longevity.

Survival Mode out April 15th. Check out DonDon here or via Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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