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Don Jones Back Up On It


The UK’s own Don Jones aptly backs up his time spent over in Florida with a stylishly confident, boldly creative take on contemporary sound-design. The dreamy and hypnotic Back Up On It showcases a defiant sense of identity intertwined with unquestionable skill.

Production-wise there’s a strong appeal from the outset, and Jones rolls with this for an unexpectedly extended time – a calling card of the musically in tune artist.

After that initial appeal, the vocal comes in to play with a certain subtlety that further connects – a gently presented, cleanly mixed voice, of short lines, melodic and rapped – before things evolve unpredictably towards each new section.

Emerging complete with cinematic fragments of spoken-word and the superb arrangement of details within the ambiance, Back Up On It lays bare what’s possible within modern hip hop and alternative pop. The track has meaning, depth, and leaves its intentions lingering thanks to the clever placement of that closing, inspiring line.

Thoughtfully blending the sound of the current scene with a clear edge of purpose and immersive escapism, Back Up On It speaks volumes on behalf of Don Jones’ own dedication and experience of the artistic climb. It makes for a mighty step forwards for the hard-working artist, and promises an alternative hit of timeless humanity and motivation all at once.

Single & video out November 26th. Check out Don Jones on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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