Doc Jazz - Twenty Twenty - Stereo Stickman

Doc Jazz Twenty Twenty


An ever-creative Doc Jazz ventures down a decidedly personal yet topically poignant pathway with this brand new single.

Featuring those classic bass-lines and retro synths and keys, Twenty Twenty proceeds to drive with quickly engaging lyrics and a short, snappy melody that resolves in a unique and memorable way.

All at once we’re intrigued by the story-line, tempted to find our own relevant connection with the context, and swept away on the nostalgic good vibes of this jazz-kissed soundscape and rhythm.

Showcasing a certain audio warmth from the offset, the song has a timeless quality about it, meaning it’s easy to get into, and yet the more intently you listen, or with each revisit, the more the details and intricacies stand out and impress. As always, this includes superb musicianship – not least of all from the intermittent sax sound of Hugo Lee, which lights up the instrumental breaks.

Emerging complete with a striking and equally nostalgic yet crisp set of visuals, focused on performance, dancing from Lily, and artistic imagery, the strangely captivating and passionate release encapsulates this bizarre and unpredictable year in an intimate, aptly unexpected fashion.

A pleasure to listen to, and a brilliantly recognizable piece of music and performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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