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Doc Jazz That Melody


Offering yet another blissfully organic escape from the weight and turmoil of the world, Doc Jazz and band deliver a calming jazz-to-funk soundscape and soulful vocal arrangement, in the form of an aptly titled That Melody.

Emerging complete with an accompanying video that introduces a sense of tiredness with the current state of the world, the song goes onto reflect on the battles we face in life, and the incomparable solace that music and melody promise in just about any setting.

Rising up from mellow verses and an equally chilled groove, the song’s hook strikes with more of a rhythmically infectious, funk-kissed aura, brightening the room and injecting a clear level of energy and overcoming that’s brilliantly well-placed.

At its core, That Melody reflects on taking the time to appreciate the power of music, to learn and never forget its true value. In classic Doc Jazz fashion, the release brings a quickly engaging, memorable hook section, which sees the whole thing progress from simple good vibes to a catchy alt-pop classic that openly prompts audience participation.

Featuring strong performances on everything from guitar to keys to drums to multiple vocals, the arrangement tips its hat to everything we love and have missed about live music. It’s also easy to pinpoint as a Doc Jazz release – the calling cards, the style, are swiftly building a name for themselves.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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