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Doc Jazz Love in the Time of Corona


An ever-elusive Doc Jazz emerges with a full-length album of mildly retro, smooth and melodic originals, designed and dedicated to bringing listeners the intimate escapism required to lighten the weight of the world right now.

From the opening brightness and rightfully jazz-kissed optimism of Stay With Me, the collection promises loving sentiments and emotive moods right the way through. Balancing clean-cut, almost spoken-word-style vocals, with expressive soundscapes that skilfully build up and fall back – as per the underlying ideas – the album features a big-band feel and lashings of gratitude.

Arrangement is crucial with any full-length album, and Doc Jazz is no stranger to the concept. From multi-layered jazz and funk, to piano-led ballads and even hip hop, with concepts ranging from closeness to a more distant, reflective sense of emotion and appreciation – the album is a likeable rollercoaster of meandering energy.

Leaving It Up To Fate is a stand-out example of distant thankfulness. Giving blessing to someone else’s happiness, with or without you in their life, is a powerful thing. The melody and progression here is beautiful, moving from delicate uncertainty to a sort of funk-soaked optimism; a later moment that uplifts with ease.

Eclecticism continues throughout, even seeing layers of oriental instrumentation and rap injected into the process – Hungry marks an unexpected change in direction; an anthem of unity and freedom, with a brilliantly nineties-like hip hop vibe. A defiant highlight for how unique the whole fusion of elements is amidst this particular societal concept.

World-wide thoughts that are more inclusive of everyone tend to come through more and more as the album progresses. Rising Tide is another that stands out for its reference to suffering and the contrasting hopeful, poetic brightness of the hook.

Whether you’re isolated with your loved ones right now, or only able to see them online, Love in the Time of Corona undoubtedly makes for an interesting and heartfelt indie alternative.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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