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Dobie WithoutYou (Feat. Myra Bro)


Dobie’s Without You is a familiar composition already for many listeners, this latest version though welcomes the wonderful Myra Bro to the stage. The acoustic presentation is immediately entrancing and quite melancholy in itself, the addition of Myra’s vocal though transforms it into something all the more emotionally engaging. The unison between the riffs and the vocal melody is quite stunning, and with that an overwhelming sense of space allows the central strengths of the music and its concept to stand tall in a natural and beautiful way.

This recording is gorgeous, the level of reverb is just enough to give it an aura of vastness without taking anything away from the intimacy and humanity of the performance. You can visualize a live and even acoustic rendition quite easily. On the other hand, it makes for the perfect go-to whenever you want to turn up loud something overwhelmingly calm to escape within.

As a creative composer and producer, Dobie seems to impress without exception – whether it’s via the full hit of EDM, or the quieter, more organic portrayal of a melody and an idea. In this case, the collaboration allows the best of both artists to offer up something incredibly beautiful and quite addictive to have play for you.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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