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Celebrating his finest collection to date, renowned producer DJ SOLO brings the clarity, creativity and confidence to modern music, with the infectiously energizing PROJECT BUSTDOWN 5.

The title-track PROJECT BUSTDOWN lays bare the artistic intentions and intricate, cinematic design of the album on a clear high, repeating its own name and delivering an unignorable sense of rising anticipation in the process; qualities that ring loud throughout the album.

Inspired by the late Chicago producer Dj Deeon, DJ SOLO goes on to utilize cascading melodies, retro synths and keys as much so as unique samples and sounds that keep things interesting – the distinctly hypnotic Steroids making for a fine early example.

Unlimited by genre and instead devoted to creating a vibe that’s often hard-hitting and dizzying all at once, DJ SOLO employs dashes of versatility whilst maintaining a recognizable thread of traits that help hold up an identity. The looping repeats, echoes and playful sound-design are key aspects of this, the likes of Goon Squad and T8ke His Lyfe further underlining these.

Later we get hints of tribal and haunting freedom amidst tracks such as Speaker Knocker, with performative play highlighted for Eat It From The Back and Dat Big Ol Butt. Always we hear the radio-style sirens, the vocal scratches, the simple phrases repeated to give each individual piece its own level of personality – and to elevate the unmistakable sound of DJ SOLO.

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Download or stream PROJECT BUSTDOWN. Find DJ SOLO on Facebook or visit Clown House Muzik.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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