DJ L33'bird & D-Biggz - Alpines - Stereo Stickman

DJ L33’bird & D-Biggz Alpines


Mellow guitar-play, raw and reverb-kissed, calmly introduces this brilliant piece of story-telling and conscious hip hop from DJ L33’bird and D-Biggz.

Setting the mood from the offset, this nostalgic, authentic set-up screams out on behalf of emotive, intentional writing, and the bars that follow refuse to disappoint.

For me, this kind of track feels reminiscent of the reflective, minimalist offerings from nineties artists like Eminem. However, there’s a slight Americana tone to the vocal, and indeed to this guitar-led ambiance, effectively giving the sound an energy and identity of its own.

While the set-up is incredibly engaging in itself – complete with musical stops and starts, superb vocal rhythm and a consistently passionate mood that’s easy to escape into – there’s also a deeply captivating story at work, and with each revisit the details of this stand a little taller.

The second vocal kicks in at about two minutes thirty, adding a fresh personality, building a welcomed dynamic and actually helping keep the hypnotic, soulful aura of the music interesting for even longer. Here we get a faster pace, yet an outpouring of personal honesty that’s still in tune with the high bar set by the opening verse.

The whole thing sounds beautiful, immensely refreshing during this particular hip hop climate, utilizing melody and heartfelt, honest contemplation that connects for its realness and humanity. The production is notably simple, but it works – it adds to the genuine nature of the writing and the tired, emotional tone of the delivery.

Really well done, a powerful collaboration with a humble yet mighty reach. Well worth a few repeat spins as and when this hits the streaming platforms.

Single out August 28th. Download or stream the single here. Check out DJ L33’bird on Facebook & Instagram, or follow D-Biggz on IG or visit WoodenBird Entertainment.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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