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DJ Industrial Badger Make Love, Not War / Bop


Somehow effectively blending the simplicity of a catchy melody and title phrase, with world-music rhythms and late-night industrial EDM all in one, DJ Industrial Badger follows up the rising success of a topical Make Love, Not War, with the unavoidably infectious and creatively unpredictable Bop.

Progressing through its humble two-minute lifespan, Bop consistently redirects things – leading the listener towards one conclusion early on, then switching gears again and again, to ultimately deliver layers of electric guitar amidst the nostalgic embrace of hard-house with fragments of nineties vocal soul.

In short, it’s everything the title implies, but nothing like you’ll be expecting.

Also recently released and essential to mention is the contrastingly topical, socially focused and aptly ambient, moving single Make Love, Not War.

In true artistic fashion, this track still holds close to the unexpected creative elements that make up the DJ Industrial Badger sound. Impressive intricacies, stops and starts, unpredictable shifts in energy and layers of voice and genre seemingly appearing from the outer edges of the mind.

Designed as an essential call to action, Make Love, Not War reimagines the 1960’s motto in light of the recent war against Ukraine. The industrial anthem veers off into a plethora of emotional corners and skillfully crafted audio realms, yet maintains a relentless rhythm and intensity that rightfully keeps you focused on the concept and the passion of the process.

Weave in the accompanying visuals and you’re inescapably connected to the content – aware and reminded of the value of humanity, and the ever-unjust horrors of war.

Notably one of the more interesting, intriguing creatives of the instrumental arena at present, DJ Industrial Badger is naturally drawing a crowd within the online world. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come.

Check out DJ Industrial Badger here or via Facebook, Instagram or the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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