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DJ Ease Full House (Original Mix)


DJ Ease releases his latest original mix – Full House – and it’s everything the title promises and then some.

Bringing back the classic house vibes from yesteryear, the release also presents a refreshingly light and multi-layered ambiance that feels new and exciting. This balance between nostalgic and contemporary works beautifully. There’s even a level of soulfulness running throughout, not to mention various flickers of colour and expressive moments of brightness – the whole thing is an easy must for fans of alternative house and underground EDM in general. Even ambient trip-hop lovers are likely to get something great from this.

Full House is a track that legitimately gets better and better as it pours through. The opening moments alone present a certain originality that draws your interest in DJ Ease as an artist and a creative, but as things move along, more and more of this inherent character and ability starts to show itself. The first three minutes see the mood and the instrumentation evolve significantly, and by the latter three minutes – you have a strong level of personality and detail to look out for and connect with; those essential traits of familiarity that make for a comforting, reliable listening experience.

At over six minutes long, this release has the presence and staying power of a classic, authentic house track. You can lose yourself in the moment for a significant amount of time – the synths, the drums, and the riffs rain down on you in a blissfully uplifting way. DJ Ease brilliantly brings together absolute professionalism, skill, and a freely roaming aura of creativity. Full House is a refreshing mix that’s fit to take 2018 into the new realm of energizing audio that awaits us.

Full House has been released on Mixmania Records – DJ Ease’s own London-based label aimed at helping artists develop their sound. Get in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more information.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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