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DJ Dee Kimble The Meaning of Life (Feat. Jay Parker & EJay Rook)


This collaborative release from DJ Dee Kimble, Jay Parker and EJay Rook is a beauty. The classic vibes stand tall but there’s also a fresh air of modern minimalism, one that brings a crisp and clean finish and a feeling that this is all very poignant and relevant at this very moment.

The Meaning Of Life is as thoughtful and reflective as the title implies. The ambiance has a classic pop-meets-RnB vibe about it, the leading vocals each add a level of smooth soul – a sincerity that can’t be faked. The second verse in particular offers a Tupac-like sense of passion that really captures your affection as it pours through.

By the time the second hook hits, the melody and the central question have drawn you right into the centre of the experience. Those looping chords in the backdrop – hopeful but descending, ongoing – accompany the thought process initiated by the lyrics. You can either escape into this music and think deeply on life and your role within it, or you can simply turn the track up loud and embrace the good vibes and the positive shared energy.

What works about this song is how humble it is in terms of the elements and building blocks that have crafted it. The simplicity gives it a feeling of purity, which suits the concept and the naturally confident but subtle performances in a beautiful way. At the same time, despite the song’s depth and the literal questions posed throughout, the writing and the recording together have brought forth an undeniably catchy hook. The melody matches the chord progression in the way that it falls, rises a little, then falls further. The question and the title go hand-in-hand, so you’re unlikely to forget the single – on the contrary, it’s easy to recognise this even after hearing it just once. It’s a pleasure to know this kind of heartfelt, authentic approach to music is still being utilized.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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