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DJ Cro-G Severance Delight : Dreamer Version (Instrumental)


Severance Delight (Dreamer Version) offers music fans a classic dance ambiance and some simple, memorable riffs that repeat throughout to make certain you’ll recognise the journey at a later date.

The music pours out and loops in an entrancing manner, feeling rather retro in some respects – with regard to the synths and the effects – though bringing in a surprisingly organic drum-line and a clever use of space and structure to keep things interesting.

DJ Cro-G maintains a fairly low-key persona online, this is all about the music, so indeed the best way to experience it is to let the audio rain down at volume. The producer’s professional touch means that volume works beautifully in this case. The track is a multi-layered, vibrant and warm piece of mellow EDM that surrounds and calms, taking the listener through a series of moments and really letting the mind wander off wherever it deems worthy in the process.

The more I hear this, the more I enjoy it – there’s an indie-rock or anthem-like feel to the main riff and indeed to the drum-line; these hints of realness add something refreshing to an otherwise electronic ambiance. The result is a composition that is all at once atmospheric and hard-hitting. You can totally escape into the sound, and it’s a pleasure to do so, or on the flip-side – you can let the music play in the backdrop as you go about your day. In either case it’s easy to visualize a live setting or a club night and get that little kick or hit of energy from it all.

There’s a lot to like about this and where the retro vibes meet those that are crisp and cut from today’s world is where the track finds its feet and becomes something quite blissful to witness. An easy one to revisit or to have reappear multiple times within a playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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