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DJ Avi (Avinesh) Electro House: EOYM 2018 (1 Hour Set)


DJ Avi brings beautifully organised chaos with this hour-long set of heavy dance tunes and brilliantly eclectic moments of varied colour and high energy. Intense layers of synths rain down hard and fast, as manic EDM beats and fragments of soulful vocals intertwine – creating the perfect mood to kick off your weekend with style.

What’s refreshing about this mix is the unexpected nature of the tracks and that eclecticism that sees hints of various other genres weave in and out of the scene. Featuring some of the best electro-house tracks from throughout the past year, the set drives with weight and pace but never leaves out the importance of melody, of contrast and intention. There are more than enough moments of quiet and calm, perfectly well-placed so as to allow the subsequent build up and drop to embrace and engage the listener in the best possible way.

There are hints of pop, RnB, dance-hall and world music from the numerous corners of the Earth, there are impressive instances of distorted fuzz and also plenty of delicate melodic expression. Even as an option to start your day, DJ Avi has geared this towards awakening his audience – inspiring movement and optimism, fused with comforting dashes of nostalgia, and all flawlessly interconnected in a smooth and consistent manner.

The mix is creatively and passionately united as one full and genuine experience, and this makes it all the more worthy and reliable as a go-to. Where many contemporary DJs take to simply sharing their Spotify playlists, track back track, one by one decided on a personal level, DJ Avi showcases a clear awareness of his audience and of the importance of creatively presenting the music and indeed the entire show in a captivating, uplifting fashion. For all of these reasons, this mix is a must. Beautifully energetic, varied and consistently evolving – never falling victim to complacency but also never pushing those personal desires or quirky irrelevancies further than they ought to go. Amazing, a pleasure to have play at volume. Enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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