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Dj 909 Let’s Go Go Go Go Dance DJ


Addictive long-form melody is quick to appeal, as Dj 909 delivers the aptly quirky, retro yet catchy new dance track Let’s Go Go Go Go Dance DJ.

Featuring an instantly likable leading riff, blending melancholic twists and turns with a high-energy and fearlessly creative backdrop and beat, Let’s Go Go Go Go Dance DJ is far from the purely explosive implications of its title, and instead showcases an artistically uninhibited approach to production and song structure.

Offering layers of spoken segments intermittently amidst equally sporadic rhythmic shifts, synths and keys, the leading riff of the track remains a constant, while everything else appears to chaotically fade out and reappear – almost like waves of colour and intensity, to reinforce this city-fair-style presentation that is the passionate vocal fragments and drum hits.

Undoubtedly unique yet also impressively an ear-worm for that central melodic thread, this release manages to highlight both a clear love for the process of creating, and a strong ear for the tuneful appeal that lingers indefinitely with listeners. That balance is key, and Let’s Go Go Go Go Dance DJ hits with impact because of it. I’ll be interested to hear where else the music takes Dj 909 in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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