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Dizillian I Don’t Care


Spending upto 15 hours each day in the studio has led artist and producer Dizillian to drive with a clearly experienced, skillful and expressive approach to making music. I Don’t Care is a superb introduction to all of this – a track that builds up slowly but surely, gathering momentum instrumentally thanks to a fine string of abilities production-wise, but also building up conceptually thanks to a clearly thoughtful and passionate angle when songwriting.

I Don’t Care is a beautiful track, entrancing and energizing if that’s what you need it to be, but also gorgeously delicate and calming if the moment needs a slightly more chilled-out vibe. That sort of strength is rare, the soundscape has been finely designed so as to let it present with whatever vibe the listener needs – always it will be something good though; always engaging, uplifting, and a pleasure to have fill the room.

That delicate approach allows the impressive nature of a track like this to really shine brightly. Everything from the intimate quality of the voice, to the various synths and layers that appear scattered around the outer layers – it all leans in an optimistic direction. The track leaves you feeling capable, collected and confident – it inspires self-belief, but at the same time; it makes for an easy choice whenever you’re looking for that fresh and warming new anthem to turn up loud.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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