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Dixie Ziemba Broken Glass


Vulnerability in style and substance guides the new piano-led ballad from songwriter Dixie Ziemba.

Melodic and intimate from the outset, with an acoustic presentation and nearly whispered vocals, Broken Glass has the makings of a simple pop offering on the surface, but proceeds to weave in longer-form expressions, meandering tunes, and hints of identity, throughout an extensive four-minute mix.

Lifting the pace and passion as the track progresses, Dixie pours her truth into the process, reflecting on longing and love in light of a broken heart and rejection. Co-written by Dixie and Andrew Hall, Broken Glass depicts a fearless approach, reinforced by the rising emotion of each resolve – the higher key, the heavier playing.

On first listen there’s a hint of RnB familiarity to this melody, later a touch of musical theatre and performative energy – always Dixie is quick to redirect her tone. Before long, the intricacies of her voice and the almost freestyle or diary-like nature of these lyrics feed into a fairly specific sense of character. Hopefully this quality will ring loud across future releases.

Download Broken Glass via Apple Music or Amazon. Find Dixie Ziemba on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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