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Disinterment Defiled Covenant


Disinterment’s approach to death metal is one that fuses impeccable musicianship with the genuine passion of the genre in a creatively impressive way. The album Defiled Covenant brings together an immense collection of original tracks that all hold close to a centralized concept and sound. The band unquestionably do their own thing, and you can hear those threads throughout.

Darkness Enthralled is an early stand out from the project, the music is as dark as can be yet structurally complex and theatrical in set-up. The guitar work and the sheer energy of that drum-line help craft something that quickly drowns out the noise of the world in a fully immersive fashion. Rather than being thoughtless though, care has been taken with every section – the story plays out like a short film; moments of quiet are highlighted by simple riffs and a somewhat calmer sense of space. Contrast is then utilized brilliantly as the heavier moments hit with inescapable intensity.

Much like with any genre in the indie world, from rock to rap and everywhere in between, there can be a temptation to get involved regardless of whether or not any musical strength or skill exists beforehand – all you need is a groove and a voice. Fortunately, in this case – Disinterment clearly lead with superb musicianship. Their skills and their speed throughout the project impress consistently, and that leading vocal scream is every bit as unsettling and rooted in its character as you’d hope.

A live show would likely be up there with the best of those who offer the unwavering roar of death metal. What’s more, this album defiantly presents more than a few building blocks that you come to recognise as being their sound. The voice is one, the stylish flickers of guitar another, the structure and the clever way they craft each track another still. If you’re a fan of heavy metal or death metal and any of the harder hitting rock genres out there, this is absolutely one to get lost within.

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