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Discovery Interstellar Traveller


Good vibes to keep you mellow but contemplative – a soul rock groove seductive and smooth, emerges in the form of the uniquely storytelling Interstellar Traveller.

From the outset we’re immersed in this blues-rock realm of sultry stomp rhythm and bass, clean-cut guitars and plenty of room to relax into things. Then after close to a minute of instrumentation, we get this unexpected vocal lead – a brightly mixed top-line with a tale reflecting her journey through time and space.

It’s a literal relaying of details, somewhat akin to the likes of Space Oddity, but stylistically about as far from that as can be. The organic musicianship is beautiful, and so is the structure – things consistently shift and build emotionally, but also always return to that familiar and comforting blues-rock stomp of a groove.

A fascinating style, in short, enjoyable but also intriguing lyrically – a fine combination of metaphor and literal implication, building up towards a smoky jazz chorus section; a moment at which the piano makes makes a welcomed step into the spotlight, just before a humble burst of distortion and weight.

As mentioned, Interstellar Traveller is structurally quite brilliant, representing its other-worldly intentions effectively. This fusion of styles found within also gifts the aptly-named Discovery sound a clear sense of identity. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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