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Discolor Blind War of Art


Discolor Blind carves out a whole new pathway for modern music, with the unpredictable, uninhibited and intriguing album War Of Art.

Beginning with the chaotic yet brief Join The Party (Skit), Discolor Blind captures attention in a cinematic fashion, and further enthralls with the unique organic layers of jazz and neo-classical melancholy that make up Battle Royale.

All at once the music delivers a thought-provoking and fairly incomparable venture, taken to greater heights still for the artistic shift to electronic riffs and heavy rock rhythms, for As The Wild Wind Blows.

Openly inspired by the likes of HIM as much so as Eminem, Nightwish and Pink Floyd, the creative depths of War Of Art showcase an artist completely lost in the process, and in turn the listener too can lose themselves within the work.

Blending aspects of memorable melody with experimental sound-play and freestyle live musicianship, War Of Art guides with lyrical poetic utterances and an intermittent, expressive voice, but otherwise makes fine use of equal parts distorted rock and electronic production.

On occasion the lyrics, the voice, take the reins entirely – One Half Of Mankind is Weak, for example, recapturing any wandering minds, and injecting clear conceptual provocation amidst a backdrop of silence. After this, the fuzz and grunge and freedom of The Last Turanian Tiger boldly scrapes itself onto the stage with worthy comparative contrast.

Titled to appropriately reflect the contents within, War of Art is often fascinating, occasionally a reflective mess of volume and anger, and always creatively unaffected by expectation or industry standards.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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