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DirtyDiamondz Raw Talent Beat Pack Vol​.​1 (16 Instrumentals)


French-producer duo DirtyDiamondz, currently based in London, have compiled an extensive collection of their recent creative offerings under the title of Raw Talent Beat Pack Vol.1 – a project that offers up a whopping 16 original instrumentals, featuring a gathering of equally impressive artists from across the globe.

The beats that make up this album work well as the mellow paced yet intense and often dark soundscapes that they are – providing a chilled-out ambiance for fans of trip-hop and hip hop alike.

Beginning with the dreamlike and reflective aura of Energy, this album consistently brings through a professional approach to production – alongside of a clear musical ability and knowledge shared by both producers. You Know Me is an early highlight for the pure artistry of those quietly manic synth riffs that softly rain down around you. The track gradually gathers momentum, seeing the energy and intensity rise as the composition progresses – and fall away intermittently; utilizing contrast really well.

As things continue, Raw Talent pushes the boundaries further, introducing a decidedly eclectic side to the duo – a trait that’s explored in more detail throughout the playlist. Dashes of EDM alternate with those of hip hop and trap alike, always artistically incorporated. Even with this level of variety though, there’s a certain likable and reliable style to the DirtyDiamondz sound – the stops and the starts, the juxtaposition of delicacy and smoothness with weight and grit.

Raw Talent Vol. 1 is an unexpected pleasure to spend an hour with. These tracks fill the room with individuality and ambiance in equal parts – letting you go about your day with a mild sense of urgency and much-needed motivation. An array of BPMs means there’s a little something for everyone here, and the mood changes throughout really work well to hold your interest. Raw Talent (R.I.P Jigga Brain) is another highlight for its creatively free and beautifully engaging set-up. Things continue to impress throughout. A project well worth exploring.

Download the album via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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