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Dirk Schwenk & The Truth Along the Road


Dirk Schwenk’s EP Along The Road brings together the acoustic tenderness of folk with a mild dash of something a little more Santana-inspired – and that’s merely the musical aspects showcased as Table Set For Two unfolds before you. On top of everything, or rather, at the heart of it all, is the story-line – the emotions that crafted the soundscape in this way. Dirk Schwenk’s leading voice delivers this opening song in an increasingly passionate and intense manner, and the musicianship brilliantly supports and reflects this at every step.

From the offset I was easily impressed by the meeting of the two guitar parts on this song. Very quickly though, what first appeared as a musically interesting but nostalgically comforting piece of soft rock or Americana, became much more of a journey through a detailed and complex experience. The lyrics hold tight to your attention with every new line, but honestly this is far from the song’s only strength.

Initially, the melody and the emotion of the ambiance sweep you off your feet in themselves. Almost as if the track would be equally effective if sung in an unfamiliar language – it just feels interesting, it feels like it means something real to the artist. Fortunately, in addition to everything, there is a detectable story-line, you can hear the emotion relating to each and every word as they pour out around you, and in my opinion – everything within this song is deeply rooted in the artist’s intended sentiments. Schwenk’s voice is beautifully genuine, smooth yet gritty enough to give everything an added touch of passion.

It’s a great song and the perfect choice to introduce what turns out to be a consistently captivating and easy to vibe to Americana record. Dirk Schwenk’s songwriting and musicianship carefully walk the line between familiar and fresh, so it’s a pleasure to let the songs fill the room around you.

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