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Dion Price KEEP


There’s been something of an influx of self-empowering, inspirational songs lately, Dion Price’s Keep being undoubtedly one of the most uplifting of all. This light and optimistic soundscape emerges, taking influence from dance-hall in a subtle but rhythmically addictive way. As things grow, the inherent emotion of the song and the performance appears brighter and brighter. Dion’s voice drives the song’s melody and underlying sentiments in a perfectly genuine and fitting way. It’s a song from the heart, with good intentions, and this shows at every step.

The accompanying video for the song adds a lot to the overall effect, the effort and artistic consideration that has gone into the whole release underlines that drive and ambition even more so. The further you get into the track, the more that hook melody sinks in – keep shining, keep grinding, keep fighting, keep striving – it repeats these essential ideals in a hypnotic and energizing way, so it quickly becomes something of an anthem for those who feel determined or who dream big but have lost their spark a little. The song seeks to get you back up fighting for it again.

Keep has been brilliantly put together, every new layer of instrumentation works to effectively give it even more colour and strength. By all accounts, this is precisely the sort of track you could expect to hear across mainstream radio waves as the summer hits full swing, and rightfully so. The finish is crisp, perfectly pop-like, but there’s also depth and meaning to the concept and the performance. The video is stunning and Dion’s own sense of character and creativity stand tall throughout.

KEEP is helping to raise money for a nonprofit organization that provides a holistic modality for trauma victims in Livingston County Michigan. Catch the album Heart Of a Lion on all major streaming platforms as of now. Find & follow Dion Price on Facebook & Instagram.

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