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Diffused Signal Spires of Ulduar


Designed from a place of humility and intricate skill, the EP Spires Of Ulduar celebrates the ambient escapism of the finely-crafted, deep techno realm, and highlights the ability and thoughtful creative approach of producer Diffused Signal.

For an opener, Joon presents a wave-like soundscape of rising and falling detail and warmth, alongside relentless yet light rhythms and sounds that feel both familiar yet impossible to pinpoint.

That balance between the familiar pulse of the music and the sheer freedom of design is a trait unique to this project, and stands tall across all six original tracks.

Somewhat minimalist yet versatile, Spires Of Ulduar maintains a compressed or dub-style underlying beat throughout its unfolding journey. With Cior, mildly industrial flavours meet with a lighter and other-worldly array of fragments, for a sense of rising anticipation that’s all-consuming. Consider, in fact, opting for noise-cancelling headphones to appreciate the true reach of this EP.

Elsewhere dreamy layers of movement and colour juxtapose the floor-filler vibes or distant club intensity that is the heart of tracks like Nazg – a little haunting in its cinematic and breath-like evolution, and increasingly immersive as it proceeds to fill the room.

Qose picks up the tempo and intensity all the more so, still those distant shadows of sound and darker implications contrast the limitless heart of the beat. Then there’s the nostalgia of a bold and vibrant Vant, well-placed for impact, before the simplicity and embrace of Arra delivers one last intricate and imaginative soundscape to ignite that freedom of thought.

Impressively recognizable yet eclectic, Spires Of Ulduar offers a sincere and effective wash of indulgence to accompany either your commute, your work day, or the late night that won’t let you rest.

Diffused Signal brings a fine meeting of ability and appreciation for the genre, and it’s that love for the process and style that lets the character of this EP connect so well.

Download Spires Of Ulduar via Bandcamp. Find Diffused Signal here of follow on Facebook – look out for another new EP in the coming weeks.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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