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Die Tired Better Off Alive


Reaching straight for the heart and no doubt sadly relating to far too many at this stage in our existence – Pennsylvania rock outfit Die Tired capture the passion and power of life, with this deeply evocative, euphoric and mighty reminder to stick around.

Reigniting the heavy rock sound of a simpler era, a melodic and heartfelt song with a fiercely devoted, memorable hook, Die Tired achieve a fine balance between style, songwriting and purpose, as their ode to mental health and suicide awareness Better Off Alive confidently pierces through the noise of the scene.

Beginning with a near-heartbreaking but ultimately warming set of images, another simple yet striking reminder of how much a father or anyone with a family means to those who need them, Better Off Alive commits itself to encapsulating the darkness and struggle that is the black dog. The familiar ache of desperation, of inescapable self-burden, resounds throughout the fearlessly honest lyrics of the song, and the contrast between these thoughtful, clearly informed verses, and the heavier resolve of the hook, helps the topic and feeling really connect.

It’s a simple but essential take on the matter, and the music sounds immense – hopefully Better Off Alive will reach the right people at just the right time.

“You my friend, you’re worth it in the end.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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